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Cows are the path to heaven, they are worshipable even in heaven.
Cows grant a desirable objects, therefore there is nothing superior to the cows

From the 3 southern states alone, about 20 lakh cattle are taken to Kerala every year for slaughter, where Beef is 40% staple food and the products are exported.

There are 7000+ unlicensed abattoirs in Kerala. The butchers for a fair price buy the cattle from calves, to milch animals including healthy bullocks.

These animals are tied by neck and made to walk without food or water for miles together, or transported in lorries with a single rope passing through their noses in tightly packed rows or bundled one over the other with their legs broken by iron road.

Every cow is killed in full view of others waiting in horror. An iron pipe is inserted deep into the throat followed by a sharp iron rod to cut off the wind pipe and food pipe, and when the cow is struggling for breath and blood is gushing, lime water is pumped into the stomach to gain extra meat weight. Then starts skinning while alive and cutting out other parts.
Mahabala pada,Sakhigopal